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Life Insurance

$   We believe Life Insurance is the foundation of your Financial Plan.  A death benefit may likely be the least of the value propositions in your plan. You may want to structure it for assett protection, or a main instrument of your retirement plan. There can be numerous tax benefits to your plan i.e. tax deferral or tax free withdrawals. If you're putting together an Estate Plan, it's definetly something to consider if you want to minimize the taxes to your heirs.  The timing of your financial composition has it's basis in your Life Insurance plan!

Risk Managemant

$$  Although life insurance is part of your risk management, we wanted to put it in it's own catagory.  The remainder of your risk management covers many areas.  You must ask yourself which areas have the most risk for you or your business.  It may be Disability; if you can't work tomorrow, how do your bills get paid?  Or how does your business keep running?  You may wish to cover some particular medical issue such as cancer or long term care.  If you have a business partner, what happens to the business if you or your partner have a disibility or death?  An accident policy may fit a need if you have a high deductible health policy as it can pay the deductable in many situations.  Do you have a business succession plan?  The many areas of risk managent require an in depth discussion. but the development of your plan creates the harmony in your financial compusition!

Retirement Planning/Wealth Preservation

It's never too early to set a plan in place for when you want to stop working and enjoy the fruits!!  You can, and should, update it on a regular basis. After all, life does change when we least expect it!  How much can you save, and is it working in multiple ways for you?  If you have saved, how can you protect it and yet still have it grow?  If you're already retired, how long will it last you, or can you develope a lifetime income stream?  Should you deferr paying tax on your savings, or will it be more beneficial to pay the tax now?  Can you defer the taxes and still get some tax free withdrawals? Again, create the structure that brings the most harmony to your compusition!

Health Insurance/Medicare

We want to help you live your life the way you would like to. Good health is a foundation for accomplishing that, and we can help you choose a plan, and understand how it works. There are time constraints for both Medicare and Health Insurance that you need to know about. Schedule an appointment to educate yourself before it's decision time! If you like, you can also check out dental and vision plans that can be taylored to your specific needs, or offer your employees an additional voluntary benefit at no cost to you (it may even put money in your pocket as you pay out less in FICA). Click here for Dental information ,Click here for Vision information